Bringing entrepreneurs and investors together

What we do

We introduce entrepreneurial businesses in Bermuda to the Bermuda Investor Community, and help those businesses to get ready for investment.

We also deliver corporate entrepreneurship training to the Bermuda business community.

Why we do it

Entrepreneurs told us that accessing capital to grow their business was difficult in Bermuda.

Investors told us they wanted to invest in the local economy, but it was hard to find deals whilst remaining discreet.

We created the Bermuda Investor Community to solve these problems and support the growth of the Bermuda economy.

That's why all of our profits go to Ignite, a Bermuda charity which provides a business accelerator program with a proven record of success.

Who we Are

Bermuda Investor Community Limited was created by the founders of Ignite to enable the growth of entrepreneurial businesses in Bermuda.

Our Board includes local business leaders, members of the Bermuda Investor Community, and experienced investment professionals.

Our Team

George Thomas
Non Executive Director
Penny MacIntyre
Non Executive Director
Caroline McGill
Executive Chair
Neil Patterson
Managing Director
Andrew Baron
Managing Director