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  1. a ‘high net worth private investor’ meaning an individual whose net worth or joint net worth with that person's spouse in the year in which he or she purchases an investment exceeds USD1,000,000; and 'net worth' means the excess of total assets at fair market value over total liabilities; or
  2. a 'high income private investor' meaning an individual who has had a personal income in excess of USD200,000 in each of the two years preceding the current year or has had a joint income with that person's spouse in excess of USD300,000 in each of those years, and has a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the current year; and "current year" means the year in which he or she purchases an investment

in each case as defined in accordance with section 2 of the Investment Business (Exemption) Order 2004. Potential investors are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence on a company listed on the Platform, and seek professional advices as appropriate to their needs.

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International Investors

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